Level 5 Finishes



Normal plasterboard finishes are done to what is referred to as LEVEL 4. This is where the joints are flushed and sanded in accordance to specification. LEVEL 5 is where a surface has a single texture over the entire area. When dark colours, or gloss/semi-gloss finishes are specified, LEVEL 5 is required so banding (the joins betweenboard) and fix points (nail/screw holes) are not visible through the paint finish. It will not matter how good the quality of painting or flushing is – these texture differences between the board and the compounds used for flushing will always be evident. LEVEL 5 ensures the surface has a uniform texture, so the paint finish will be the best possible. TUFF HIDE is a spray applied primer/surfacer product that provides a LEVEL 5 surface. TUFF HIDE can be tinted, painted, or left as a flat white matt finish (similar to a normal ceiling white). TUFF HIDE will add an extra 1000 cycle scratch resistance to the surface, as well as leaving an outstanding base to paint over. If you require the best finish possible on plasterboard surfaces, TUFF HIDE is the solution.



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Tuff Hide MSDS

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